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Should You Use Cheaper Ink Alternatives In Your Printer?

by:Ascend      2020-07-08
When looking to replace your ink cartridge, you no longer need to immediately reach for the 'genuine' brand. There are a few options available to consumers now days and they are much less expensive. You can buy a compatible OEM cartridge, a remanufactured cartridge or refill your existing cartridge. It is completely safe to use these cheap ink options, as well as a lot easier on your wallet. A company other than the one that produced your printer manufactures OEM compatible cartridges. They are made new and to 'original manufacturer standards' or 'OEM standards', which means they have to meet the same requirements as the innovator brand. They need to have at least the same amount of ink and work the same way in the printer to pass as an OEM cartridge. This type of ink replacement is much cheaper than the genuine original product. A remanufactured cartridge is one that has been re-filled and checked for re-use. These cartridges are used then sent back to specific companies who prepare them according OEM standards for re-sale. They are sold at a cheaper price than the originals and often have even more ink in them. You can also purchase ink to refill your cartridge. This is probably the most inexpensive option available to you and it isn't difficult to do. Many people swear by refilling their own ink, claiming the quality and performance of the printer is the same. You can buy ink to refill your own color and black cartridges for very low prices. All the above three mentioned options are safe to use in your printer and will not void your warranty, no matter what brand your printer is. It used to be that printer manufacturers could cancel warranties if genuine cartridge replacements were not always used, but that has changed now. A law was passed called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, which prohibits any manufacturer trying to force their customers into having to use their parts exclusively. This includes cartridge replacements, so you can safely choose whichever option you prefer. Whether you buy an OEM compatible cartridge, a remanufactured cartridge or choose to refill your existing one, you will save money. Buying the genuine cartridge is spending extra mone unnecessarily, when any of the alternatives will work just as well. Your printer will still be covered by warranty and work as efficiently if you choose to use one of these cheaper options.
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