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Should pay attention to when using carbon powder

by:Ascend      2020-05-08
Why use carbon ( C) Powder pay special attention to ( 注意) Because the carbon powder has bad effect for people's health, 影响) 。 Carbon powder polymerization is a kind of fine chemical toner technology, it includes suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization, detail capsule, dispersion polymerization, compression polymerization, chemical pieces. Printer toner according to different requirements, the carbon powder production to develop in the direction of refinement, color and high speed. Carbon powder manufacturing mainly adopts FenSuiFa and polymerization. Color toner in print, volatile due to residual monomer in the resin is heated, produces the pungent odor, therefore national standards and industry standards of toner TVOC has carried on the strict limits. So as long as you buy printer or nonconforming product quality, won't because printing produces gas harmful to health. Of course, if we will not be inhaled into the body, is a little problem, 爱默生) No; But at the time of use, if we are not careful will be flying in the air of carbon powder sucked into the body, contact too much will make us can increase risk of cancer, and may, 也许) Because the body's blood circulation, 继续) Functions that we are sucked into substances to the kidney. This time is very crucial, Explanation: metaphor is an important part of things) Because once at the end of the kidney be ruled out, it is hard for us to ( 困难) . If you have kidney stones, 肾结石) , then it might be because this kind of situation, 条件) Caused by. Because this kind of phenomenon can again hair a kidney stone, be normal triple the probability of this disease. So we in the use of carbon powder, must pay attention to safety using carbon powder, in accordance with the provisions, using carbon powder. And try not to put in a place where children can wear - — If you have a child; And don't let the children to play with carbon powder.
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