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Several main factors of decision printer toner quality

by:Ascend      2020-05-06

toner composition and classification of the resin: fixation effect ( Fixing) Magnetic materials, pigment, Black) C C A: friction charged gas phase silica used to increase liquidity, enhance stability of copier toner classification method are many, roughly as follows: according to the charged sex can be divided into: positively charged powder ( Analog copier toner) And negatively charged powder ( Digital copier toner) ; According to the magnetic can be divided into: the magnetic particles are ( Canon copier) And the magnetic powder ( Toshiba carbon powder) ; According to the components can be divided into: one-component ( Canon, xerox), And the two components ( Toshiba, ricoh, konica minolta) Evaluate quality toner few main factors to determine a type of toner comprehensive quality mainly consider the following six aspects: black, bottom ash, fixed on degrees, resolution, the scrap rate, ghost. These factors relate to each other and influence each other, the following is made of the causes of influence of these factors related to elaborate. Black black degrees value calculation is blackness tester to launch a number of strong beam, beam to graphics under test, and then reflected back to blackness value tester, calculating the beam of light is absorbed, again through the fixed value calculation and program. The blackness values of the toner is not the higher the printing effect is good, in order to meet different needs of various industries, company carbon powder average blackness values of general control in 1. About 4. Ash and bottom ash is by blackness tester to test sample no words in the blackness of space value. In general, the original OEM toner bottom ash value is 0. 001 - 0. 03, greater than zero. 006, the results of the visual will feel the copy sample is a little dirty. Effect of bottom ash value reason mainly is the electronic and magnetic toner. Different models of the copier for carbon powder electric magnetic is generally not the same. This is also our emphasis on specialized powder for one reason. In addition, other factors can cause bottom ash due to the copier. Toner bottom ash control at 0. 005 the following. Fixing fastness to fixing fastness is attached on the surface of the paper, after toner melts to infiltrate the ability of fiber. The pros and cons of resin is one of the main factors affecting toner fixing reinforcement. The resolution of the resolution is to point to (can print dots per inch DPI) 。 Thickness will directly affect the resolution of the toner particles. At present, the resolution of the carbon powder mainly 300 dpi, 600 dpi, 1200 dpi, and in 1200 dpi resolution HP1200, HP4100 models printer requirement for carbon powder is high. Waste powder rate of waste powder rate refers to a certain amount of carbon powder in the normal copy of waste powder proportion. The scrap rate directly affect the amount of carbon powder copy number. Standards of waste toner powder rate was less than 10%. Ghosting is the text ( Or other design) (just below The feeding direction) A with the same words, Or design) , but the density value ( Black degrees) Much lower than it. General form when fixing process or transfer printing process. 1, when one of the main raw materials of toner resin molecular weight distribution is not good, the toner into fixing system, some will stick on the upper fuser roller, when upper fuser roller when they met with the media, again will these toner transfer to medium, and fixing formed ghost; 2, as we all know, the toner on the OPC drum above will not be transferred to the medium, the residual powder will be scraping knife, collected waste powder storehouse when powder scraping knife aging or wear and tear, residual powder will not be shaved, so, when in contact with the medium again and will be transferred to medium formed on the double.

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