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Screen Printing Supplies Needed to Print Your Own Products

by:Ascend      2020-08-24
Screen Printing is an industry that has been around for years and continues to grow exponentially. In the screen printing business, the supplies you use while printing are a key factor in the quality of the items you produce. In this article, we will discuss the main screen printing supplies needed in the printing companies big and small, to produce high-quality screen printed products. 1. Screen Film- The first step in your printing process, you must have clear, transparent film in which you print your design, a crucial ingredient to proper transferring is your mesh. The film must match your printer (either laser or inkjet), and can be bought in several different sizes to suit both your printer and artwork needs. 2. Mesh Screens- The most important aspect of screen printing is in fact the screen itself. Mesh used for printing is specially crafted to hold your design after the transferring, allowing you to print your design with key registration and quality. 3. Emulsion- The process of transferring your design from film to mesh requires special photosensitive emulsion. The mesh screens are coated with the emulsion, exposed to extreme light, then pressure washed, revealing your clear cut design burned into the screen. 4. Ink- When you start printing with the screen, of course you need ink in the colors your design requires. First you place your product on a flat surface, place your screen on top (with first color layer first), then pour your ink onto the screen to begin. 5. Squeegee- Once your ink is on the screen, a large squeegee is used to pull the ink across the screen, pushing the ink through the screen and onto your product. When using a squeegee, it is important to use a smooth, hard swipe to insure the ink covers all needed areas. Screen Printing is actually very simple. Many companies are run out of people's homes, ranging to large corporations who print promotional products in mass quantities. When printing, however, you must be sure that you have all of the above mentioned tools, and an accurate knowledge of how they are used. With just a little practice, you could be printing your own full color designs in no time.
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