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Save Time and Money With Printer Cartridges

by:Ascend      2020-09-06
The way that you use the ink cartridges for your printer can save you time and money. This can be done by using methods that will keep your cartridges in good condition so they are fully usable when needed. If you want to limit the amount that you are spending on new printer ink, a re-fill kit can be used. This will keep old cartridges available when your printer is low or out of ink. Storing the Cartridges Excessive heat can cause air bubbles to form in an improperly stored printer cartridge. You can prevent this from happening by keeping your cartridges in a cool and dry location. Look for an area that is away from direct sunlight such as an inside hall closet. Make sure that the cartridges are kept in a sealed bag. This can be the original package or a re-sealable plastic bag. This will help by maintaining the freshness of the ink inside of the printer cartridge. When you have printer cartridges that are kept in the original package you need to make sure that they are kept right-side up so they do not leak or dry out. Recycling the Cartridges Read the information that is on the outside packaging for your printer cartridge for any instructions that pertain to recycling. Depending on the manufacturer you may find an address where you can send all of your used cartridges. If you cannot find an address you can look online for printer cartridge drop off recycling locations. Research retailers in your area that sell printer cartridges to see if they offer any type of recycling program as you may also receive a credit towards new cartridges when you properly recycle the old ones. Refilling the Cartridges Saving money with ink cartridges is done by using a re-fill kit. This allows you to use a replacement ink cartridge instead of buying new cartridges for your printer. Make sure that you purchase the correct type of re-fill kit for your cartridge. A printer re-fill kit will typically include a thumb drill and a syringe for the ink. Remove the sticker on the top or bottom of the ink cartridge and look for a small hole. If no hole is present you will need to make one with the thumb drill. Fill the syringe with the ink required for your printer. Insert the tip of the syringe into the hole in the cartridge and push down to begin filling the cartridge. Fill the cartridge until the ink comes out of the hole. Wipe away the excess ink and then place the sticker back to cover the hole. Additional Information Set the printer preferences for your computer to 'draft printing.' This option will use less ink and allow the printer cartridge to last longer. To save on the purchase of cartridges you should print a page by using black ink and not the colour ink. Prevent your ink from drying out by printing out a page at least once a week. Tips Make sure that you are matching the ink for your cartridges to the model of your printer. Use newspaper during the re-fill process to prevent ink stains.
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