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Save Time and Money Using DYMO Label Makers

by:Ascend      2020-08-28
Life is composed of a series of uncountable clutters-deadlines to beat, meetings to attend, games to watch, dishes to wash, rooms to clean, clothes to iron, and the long list goes on. Our job? To organize. But if we do, will we ever finish? I highly doubt it. For sure, we'll just fall into a deep mess if we try to arrange all of these by ourselves. So why make our lifetime all about organizing if DYMO label makers can clean the muddle for you? Introducing the new DYMO label makers LetraTag Plus LT-100H and LetraTag Plus LT-100T the handiest label makers you could ever have! LetraTag Plus LT-100H Unique Features 1. Display Graphics This feature gives you a glimpse of how the font and other text effects would appear before you print the label. 2. Flexibility You could use this at home, in the office, in your room-in absolutely any place that calls for organization. 3. User Friendly Buttons DYMO understands that label makers are supposed to make your life easier, so it made its navigation buttons so easy to use-you don't even have to read the manual for instructions! 4. Available for Various Forms in Print This specification makes organizing fun as it makes its prints available not only in paper but also in plastic, iron-on, metallic and magnetic. 5. Back Magnetic Holder This label maker comes with a holder which holds it by way of a high quality magnet. In this way, you'll not find your label maker floating along in the clutter you're trying to clean. Instead, it's always safe in its rightful place. Also, because of this, you may hang it on the wall or refrigerator for easier access. 6. Automatic Off This DYMO label maker shuts itself off automatically if not used. This saves you both power and money. 7. Spick and Span Keyboard Design The buttons are arranged in A-B-C format for easy understanding. LetraTag Plus LT-100T Highlights 1. Portable and Compact Like all DYMO label makers, this is small and handy. You can bring it anywhere you like. You can use it in the office or at home. 2. Familiar Keyboard Design Its keyboard is structured to liken the keyboard of a normal computer. This is perfect for those who are used to typing on their desk and laptops. 3. Uncomplicated Navigation Buttons The navigation buttons of LetraTag Plus LT-100T are straightforward and easy to use. You can swiftly access its multiple features without having to read the manual. 4. Display Graphics This feature allows you to see the effect of the font size, style, color, size and date stamp on your label before you print it, thereby cutting the possibility of a wasted label print. 5. Auto-off This label maker has a power saver automatic off that turns the label maker off if unused. 6. Multiple Printing LetraTag Plus LT-100T could print not only in your usual paper but also in various ways apt for its use. For clothes and other fabricated objects, you could print using the iron-on labels. For whiteboards and refrigerators, you may use the magnetic labels to print. For water-proof uses, you may use the plastic label. Lastly, for style, you may use the metallic label. Clearly, these two DYMO label makers will not only help you organize but will let you save your money. You don't have to undergo the hassles of looking for the cheapest ink supplies because this label have built in thermal print technology that allows you to print directly from the label maker; thus excising the need for you to use other printing supplies. With this, LetraTag Plus LT-100H and LetraTag Plus LT-100T could be argued as the best of its kind, as they possess advanced features other label makers don't have. They are compact, small and portable yet their features amount to a colossal mountain. They have display graphics that would make you avoid the mistake of printing an undesirable label. They have user friendly navigation buttons that could promptly access you to the multiple facets within these DYMO label makers, such as text size, font, date stamps, etc. More importantly, these label makers don't ask for inks, ribbons, cartridges and other printing supplies, and thereby saving both your time and money. Evidently, the two are the best choices you could have. They are indeed small, but they are wonderful.
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