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Mts Safetysure Sherpa Lined Transfer Belt Fix

by:Ascend      2020-10-09
Place the belt with the buckle in front of the individual’s mid part. The buckle should be positioned barely off center within the front to make it extra comfy. Allows a caregiver to help stabilize a care recipient who loses his or her stability while strolling. Follow these tricks to make sure you are safely and correctly shifting transferring people. For extra caregiving assets and presentations on transfers, please go to the “I am a caregiver” section of our website. The belt acts as a handle that enables a caregiver to easily grasp onto the belt and stabilize the care recipient. The belt should be tied such that there is just sufficient room to get your fingers under the belt. If the affected person is of heavy weight or frail, the lifting method must be proper no matter what the caregiver’s strength is.
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