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Moving A Patient From Bed To A Wheelchair

by:Ascend      2020-10-10
Note that every schematic drawing merely reveals an instance and the current invention isn't confined thereto. The layer shaped of the elastic body could be made by making use of on the bottom layer a rubber base paint which incorporates rubber dissolved in an natural solvent, drying the solvent, and vulcanizing the rubber. The rubber base paint is spirally coated on the bottom layer by constantly supplying the rubber base paint utilizing a circular or a large nozzle whereas moving the nozzle in an axial course of the bottom layer and rotating the base layer in a circumferential course. The rubber base paint spirally coated on the bottom layer is dried in parallel with leveling by keeping the predetermined rotating pace and the predetermined drying temperature. Such spherical resin particles three may be uniformly aligned with ease over the layer fashioned of the elastic body four by directly making use of powder (spherical resin particles 3) over the layer shaped of the elastic body four and leveling them. JP-A Nos. and suggest realizing sturdiness by burying relatively massive particles in a resin to some extent. However, in these proposals as well, the particles are current ununiformly, and thus it is troublesome to obtain an intermediate transfer belt which can help fulfill the high-level picture quality that the present-day electrophotographic apparatuses are required to yield. The stable lubricant has the operate of enhancing the cleanability of the intermediate transfer belt 22, stopping the incidence of filming, and improving the sturdiness of the intermediate transfer belt 22. The inner circumferential surface of the intermediate switch belt 501 is supplied with a charge-eliminating roller 70 for eliminating amassed charge and an earthed earth curler 80. Referring to primary-half schematic drawings, the following particularly explains a seamless belt (intermediate transfer belt of the present invention) to be used in a belt formation unit put in in the image forming apparatus based on the current invention. Sizes colour-coded for quick identification in a rehab division. This is inbuilt a way that it could fit all the waist sizes by simply adjusting and securing the belt. Residual toner remaining on the intermediate transfer belt 22, which was not transferred on the time of the secondary transfer, is faraway from the intermediate switch belt 22 by a belt cleansing member 25. A lubricant making use of system 27 is positioned downstream of the belt cleaning member 25. This lubricant making use of gadget 27 features a strong lubricant, and a conductive brush to apply the strong lubricant by rubbing towards the intermediate transfer belt 22. Being all the time involved with the intermediate transfer belt 22, the conductive brush applies the strong lubricant over the intermediate transfer belt 22. This switch belt makes it straightforward to securely transfer sufferers or loved ones with the straightforward to make use of delicate nylon transfer belt, with an additional broad 4” again which tremendously reduces the pressure points of a conventional gait belt. These solid color belts are constructed of heavy webbing material with a heavy-responsibility steel buckle closure. The really helpful uses are as a resident assist walking belt, gait belt, switch belt or an immobilization belt. The intermediate switch belt based on claim 1, whereby the elastic physique is cross-linked acrylic rubber. The intermediate transfer belt based on claim 1, whereby the elastic physique is cross-linked rubber. The intermediate transfer belt according to declare 1, wherein the elastic body is rubber. arranging and burying the spherical resin particles within the layer 2 zero fashioned of the elastic physique and uniformly leveling the spherical resin particles. An intermediate switch belt K was produced in the identical method as in Example 1 except that the enough quantity of spherical resin particles were not supplied in the sprinkling step (i.e. the decrease amount of spherical resin particles was sprinkled).
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