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Know The Facts Before You Buy a Reconditioned Printer

by:Ascend      2020-07-24
In efforts to cut down costs, most home business owners look for reconditioned printers. Refurbished printers in good condition are as good as brand new products if not better. But buying second hand products has disadvantages. You would not want to spend 40% of the products cost on repairs. It would not make sense. So, how to check a reconditioned printer? Suppose you have your mind set on a particular brand and you have earmarked a certain amount for refurbished printers. Remember that for every spanking new product, you will have three refurbished printers. The market for used computer accessories is huge. Some offer their wares at dirt cheap price; others are way over the normal price. Do not buy the cheapest one; it is so cheap for a reason. You will be disappointed to find that the refurbishing company did precious little than clean and dust the exterior of the product. Look for companies that change the circuits, swing plates, fusers and toners before putting the product up on the refurbishing market. We would not advise you to spend even a penny on printers that have received no reconditioning. Three Components that are Almost Always Replaced in Reconditioned Printers One thing that is common in reconditioned printers is replacement. Printers are subject to wear and tear. Over time, parts inside the printer reach an end of their lifetime. They need replacement, of course this raises the price of reconditioned printers a bit but every penny is worth it. We have observed form our vast experience with home and commercial printers that the three components are almost always replaced in second hand printers. Cartridge Cartridges are meant to be replaced. In fact these are the only components inside a new or reconditioned printer that will require replacement once every once. It is wise to check for the health of the cartridge when buying reconditioned printers. Print a test page and if you hear unnatural noises, you can be sure that something is not tight about the cartridge. Grab a new cartridge and replace it into the printer, if the noise ceases, then you have your culprit. Fusers Fusers are costly affair; even a rebuilt fuser will bump your bills by $250. A new pair of fusers for a commercial laser printer is thrice as costly. That is why we implore you to ask for fuser health specifically. Paying for a fuser will defeat the purpose of buying reconditioned printers. Memory It is most vital that insist on having the memory upgraded if it is less that necessary. For color printers, the ideal amount of memory is 256 MB, for monotone laser printers the recommended specification is 64 MB. If it is not already within the specified range, have it upgraded before buying reconditioned printers.
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