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Keeping Things Green - Don't Throw Away Printer Cartridges

by:Ascend      2020-09-18
Did you know that many businesses regularly throw away a potential source of income? Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to reduce their costs and increase their income in order to help them survive in this tough economic climate. However, many businesses don't consider that what they throw away can be both a valuable source of income and a way to reduce their costs. What's more, businesses that actively recycle their waste are helping the environment by reducing the total amount of waste that society has to deal with. Large amounts of waste that could still have great value in the right hands is simply thrown away for incineration or to rot on a landfill, and wasting products like that isn't good for either the environment or the bank balance of the business. Many businesses have introduced schemes to recycle waste such as paper, plastic, card, cans and glass, which can be generated by themselves or by their customers. Schemes like this mean that the businesses can reduce the amount they pay to have their waste collected and disposed of because they're producing less, and can even make an income from selling recyclable materials. One resource that you may not be aware can be recycled are something that almost every modern business uses - printer cartridges. Many businesses complain about the cost of purchasing them, especially when they go through so many of them, but don't consider that because of their cost, and the value of the parts within them, they have a very high value for recycling. Buying these can make up a large part of the regular expenditure of a business, so it makes sense to ensure that you don't just use them and then throw them away, when they can be still be of great value. Like many business products, they can be recycled rather than thrown away, and just about every business can benefit from doing this. There are many specialist companies that will collect used printer cartridges from businesses and recycle them, either by breaking them down into their component parts for those to be reused, or by refilling them with ink so they can be used again. Depending on the type of product they use, businesses can make good savings from using these companies, either to help realise the value of an asset that would otherwise disappear into the waste bin, or by cutting down the cost of buying new products to replace the old ones by switching to refilled and recycled ones. To help ensure the continued success and profitability of your business, consider what you throw away. Just because it doesn't hold any direct value for you doesn't mean that someone else can't make use of it - and they may even pay you to take it off your hands. So not only will you be helping the planet by creating less waste, you'll be making money for yourself and your business in the process, which has to be a good deal for everyone involved.
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