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Keep Your Copier New With Konica Parts

by:Ascend      2020-07-24
Nowadays, copying or printing of documents has become a daily routine in almost every office. Imagine your Konica copier breaking down due to some problems in its parts during a bulk printing project. It's a real annoying situation, isn't it? Therefore, using genuine Konica parts for your printers will give you smooth and hassle free printing experience. Whether it is your laser copier or printer, both of them requires Konica Minolta drum, which is responsible for producing the image and printing it on the paper. The drum is one of the main part, which receives image via laser and transfers it then onto the paper to give out high quality text and images. These days, the actual variation between a laser printer and a copier is the technique through which the image is transmitted to the drum thus, making it one of the most essential copier parts today. Organizations that involve a huge deal of printing of copying might need replacing these konica minolta parts frequently because of the usual wear and tear due to the frequent usage of the copier. In addition, never neglect the quality of copy machine parts for a laser printer, this is because certain cheap and inferior quality parts if fitted can cause in inferior quality image. Moreover, the number of documents that can be printed will also reduce and thus, you get cheap quality documents having you to replace the parts frequently. This will also eat up a lot of your money, which is not anyone wishes for these days. When it is the time to replace your drum, make sure that you buy the right parts from the right buyer to avoid any further problems. For instance, certain smaller and cheap laser copiers utilize toner as well as the drum in a single unit and thus, you pay for the both the parts at once. On the other hand, larger units have separate drums and units for toner cartridge. For instance, if you own a Konica Minolta Bizhub C360, C280 or C220, then you may go for Konica Minolta drum part DR311K or AOXVORD. Further, for fax models 1900, 1800 or 1700 from Konica Minolta, you can opt for a combination toner/drum cartridge of #0937401 or 0937-401. Since there is a huge availability for Konica parts today, it can be a confusing task at times to pick the apt one. Thus, prior to replacing the Konica Minolta drum part for your copier, ensure that you replacing the right part, which needs replacement and not some other one. This will save a lot of time and money. You can check and buy various copy machine parts for Konica Minolta copiers on Internet from the comfort of your home.
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