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Ink Cartridge Printer Paper Applications

by:Ascend      2020-08-26
It should never be assumed that any type or printing ink or paper type will do, even for less important or daily routine requirements. Each item is likely to be produced to achieve a finish according to a specific 'job' and it's important to carefully check to confirm exactly what paper type, grade or finish will be able to be fed through individual printer machines. The necessity to differentiate between the particular different types and ranges of printer papers available may be compared to the careful selection of individual types of inkjet cartridges, compatible ink cartridges or laser toner cartridges which can be safely installed in order to obtain the best performance from your printer for either everyday or special one-off or occasional project applications. Consequently, it's important to methodically check catalogue, online, or in store specifications to ensure you will be able to obtain the appropriate results and endeavour to keep costs to a minimum. Printer ink cartridges and printing paper will be the two key items in regular use and frequent replacement purchasing. To this end, the buying of cheap ink cartridges and print paper online is the most cost-effective option, quick and easy - and the quality is very comparable to the leading brand names. There are basically 5 types of the most commonly used types of print paper generally available, namely: Economy Paper: An all-purpose, lightweight paper ( usually 80-80 gms) used for standard everyday printing of basic documents and images found in every office or home copier / printer. A smooth, non-textured surface, for double-sided printing, usually in brilliant white with a cool blue foundation, which might vary according to different brand names, but producing a strong black text and colours. Matte Paper: Slightly heavier than economy paper (100-130 gms), and with minimum surface patina, used for regular colour or photograph printing, with less vibrant finish. Available in premium grade, photo-quality matte, semi-matte and double-sided, printing ink on matte paper is less likely to leave fingerprints or accidental smear marks than gloss paper. Gloss Paper: Also a heavier paper and can be bought in several different variations, including long lasting colour-fast paper, semi-gloss and premium-grade, and predominantly the preferred finish for quality photo printing. Produces a sharp, vivid surface, strongly evoking a traditional photographic look. It's essential to always handle gloss paper with extra special care as the surface film is highly exposed and vulnerable to be easily spoiled by fingerprint smears or atmospheric dust. Printer manufacturer brands also offer specific gloss photo papers to match their individual printer models. Card Stock: A sturdy, thick paper available in a number of different and much heavier weights, which are mainly used for printing business cards, postcards and office stationery. Card stock, often the thickness of an index card, is available in many colours and shades. It's critically important to always double-check to ensure that a particular type of heavier card stock will be compatible to be satisfactorily with your particular printer. Trying to keep the costs of buying paper down to a minimum often produces the common mistake of attempting to use some gauges of card stock which are incompatible and inevitably, causing a 'paperjam' - and time consuming difficulty of trying to remove the item snagged up from within the unit. CV Paper: Also a heavier weight paper, produced in traditional brilliant white, ivory, or a slightly off-white shade. Textured papers are also available in fine linen or parchment. Fine quality paper is recognised by watermark which should always be fed in to the printer the 'right way round' with the printing. Although CV printing has been increasingly replaced by the use of email attachment files, there could still be important occasions when a hard copy will need to be printed.
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