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How about the quality management implemented in Ascend?
In Foshan Ascend Technology Co. Ltd, to ensure the full implementation of the quality management, we have formulated a specific set of quality standards along with relevant measurements usually in the form of KPIs. The implementation of the system requires the involvement of all our employees. First of all, we make sure they can understand the details of the system and know their roles in supporting the implementation process. Then monitoring and tracking progress ensue. This can be done through a reporting process that is used to collect specified data and share information with senior leaders. It has been proved to be effective because we have gained improved production efficiency, enhanced product quality, and decreased costs.

Ascend takes precedence in offering first-rate web roller for xerox. ricoh cleaning web is the main product of Ascend. It is diverse in variety. The high performance of fuser film sleeve samsung is primarily due to its fuser film for samsung design. It features good compatibility for different models of printer or copier. The product has a long service life and a long-lasting performance. The product features excellent positioning accuracy and transfers accuracy.

Ascend aims to promote exporting transfer blade. Ask!
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