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Color toner manufacturers to introduce product features for you

by:Ascend      2020-04-29
Believe that everyone has a certain understanding for the color toner, color toner is our work life has much a few minutes, deeply the general consumer's affection, our company is a professional color toner manufacturers, in order to better serve everyone, and summarizes the following knowledge for everyone, just follow below small make up look together! 1, strong compatibility, weatherability good: in 30% ~ 85% relative humidity, temperature - 5% ~ 38 ℃ environment can use reliable. 2, stable performance: 12 months did not see changes. 3, print the image density is adjustable, high resolution and brightness, firm fixation and no small amount of bottom ash, powder consumption, waste powder rate is low. 4, good blackness and meet the requirements of printer consumption standard. 5, fine particle size, only 7. 5μ-8。 7μ。 Knowledge about color toner is to introduce you to this, if you have about color toner need welcome to contact us at any time, also welcome you to pay close attention to our website at any time to update, more knowledge about color toner we will continue to arrange for you, welcome to consult at any time.
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