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Can ricoh cleaning web sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
Here in Foshan Ascend Technology Co. Ltd, paying (or not paying) samples is different from paying for a regular product because the price depends on a number of factors. Here are some things to keep in mind: For some categories, we are willing to subtract sample costs out of your first order. Just be prepared to get into an agreement that if the sample meets your requirements, that you will place a larger order. You can also get into an agreement to share the cost with us on some occasions. Be sure to contact our Customer Service.

The sharp transfer belt industry is growing quickly; fortunately, Ascend is a brand highly evaluated. ricoh fuser film is the main product of Ascend. It is diverse in variety. Because of its ricoh fuser film sleeve design, ricoh fuser film is often preferred by costumers. It is not inclined to attract the static during the printing. The product has been checked at every stage of production under the supervision of professional quality inspector to ensure the superior quality. The images printed using this product are resistant to chemicals, wear, smudging, and moisture.

Our ultimate aim is to become a worldwide competitive drum lubricant bar exporter. Please contact.
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