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Are You Missing Ink Cartridge From Your Office?

by:Ascend      2020-09-14
The other day, I was talking to a nice lady well, I thought she was nice until she told me the story while sitting at Pete's Coffee in high-end California city. I didn't get her name and I wouldn't use it in this article anyway, not even a pseudonym. You see, she told me she bought a printer for her home business, one which matched the printer at work in her office. She was going to start her own business soon, but keep her regular 9-5 job until the business got up and running and making a profit enabling her to quit. She figured if there was another round of lay-offs, which she expected after the election, she wanted to already be started in her new home business. Now then, she reasoned that 'printer cartridges' are expensive, and she needed to do a lot of printing and marketing material for her new business, and since her work had a stock room full of printer cartridges, it was worth the extra money to buy the more expensive printer/fax/copier as the one at work with only a few extra features because she could simply borrow without returning brand new cartridges from her place of employment. Ouch, I thought, so much for employee loyalty, and welcome to employee pilferage as they say. Well, I'm sure that if you run a business you are carefully guarding the business supplies, but many small companies don't, they don't have an office manager the keeps track of every roll of tape, every printer cartridge, every stapler, and every writing utensil. It's too bad in today's age that we can't trust the human employees that work for us. Even if they aren't stealing, they may be printing something at work with the printer cartridge, but whatever they are printing is for personal use. Perhaps they found something on the Internet, a nice picture on Facebook, and they want to use the printer at work. In this day and age of cost cutting, and the difficulty in attaining a profit due to the economic forces, it makes sense to keep an eye on your printer cartridges. Are you missing cartridges, or are you missing the ink out of them? How do you know? Do you have some sort of accounting procedures which keeps track of all this? If you don't, then it is highly likely that you are losing quite a bit of money each year, and you don't even know it. Indeed, for those companies that sell office supplies they watch their printer cartridges very carefully, they are one of the number one most stolen items. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.
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