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Analysis the development status and process of color toner

by:Ascend      2020-04-24

color toner breakthrough technology monopoly, occupy the industry chain is good, color toner in the industry chain is: chemical raw materials - — ( Compatible) Color toner - — ( Compatible) Drum - — Color laser printers, color toner are barriers and high value-added industrial chain. Color toner technology, physical method and chemical method two kinds, the compatible powder market accounted for about 80% of the physical method, physical method for future new printer does not support, the cost is high, will be phasing out chemical method and chemical method toner will be more valuable in the industry of a ring.

the color toner needs in 50000 tons, the demand for annual growth of about 10%, of which the original manufacturer's original powder 80%, compatible with the manufacturer's compatible powder 20%, because the compatible powder price advantage obviously, growth rate above 15% compatible with the manufacturer.

by the above analysis we can see that color toner in the future development prospect is still great!

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